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Rachael Urrutia

Skills:Graphic Design
Web Design
Likes:Thai Food

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Platt College San Diego

Bachelors of Applied Science
in Media Arts - Web Design

(October 2011)

Associates of Applied Science - Graphic Design

(October 2010)

Escondido Charter High School

Advanced Academic Diploma

(July 2009)



A dedicated, hard worker who is organized and self-motivated. Works well in deadline-driven projects, as well as jobs which require multi-media and multi-program design. Uses timely and creative thinking in order to solve problems and design effective, user-friendly and attractive graphics.

Has over a three years worth of related schooling and experience in the graphic design and web development field, and in that time has produced several in-market logos and branding campaigns for local businesses.

Laptop skin design made for the release of Pirates of the Carribean 4 A website made in honor of my favorite Japanese animator. Die-cut book cover design for the Divine Comedy aka Dante's Inferno. A web campaign made to advertise the fictional hotel, The Palmada. A poster made to feature the iconic voices of the 1940's; Armstrong, Crosby, Cole, Sinatra and Holiday Redesign of the packaging for Barnum's Animals Crackers. Book cover design for the children's book, Little Red Riding Hood. Christmas/Holiday Season catalog for Bountiful Baker

Graphic Design

Graphic design is the process of creating stimulating imagery through layout, color, typography, images, consistency and other such means in order to convey a specific message. Graphic design is incorperated into almost any product that anyone uses or sees.

  • Logo Design
  • Corporate Branding
  • Business Cards
  • Screen Printing
  • CAD's
  • Posters
  • Multi-Page Booklets

Web Design

Web design covers a wide range of categories from user and server-side languages, user testing, browswer compatabilty and interface creation. A web presence is the key to success in the age of technology, and a good one speaks volumes to the consumer.

  • Domain Setup
  • Hosting Setup
  • SEO
  • Usability
  • Web Banners/Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Email Blasting
  • Blog

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